Baptized for this moment
Three years ago our church body underwent a tremendous upheaval called restructuring.  Those of us hanging around the Synod Inc.  part of our world believed that it was a monumental effort to get a tremendous amount of authority in the hands of a few.  We didn’t like it but it is what the church voted for.  The church also voted Matthew Harrison as our President, something the restructuring folks didn’t want.  So now the folks that wanted the restructure but not President Harrison write stuff like this…………..
“Not insignificantly, most of those resolutions concentrated significant authority in the hands of a few. That is something most of us either do or do not applaud or appreciate, depending largely upon the identity of the few and the level of trust placed in those so identified. Most in the LCMS hope and pray that such concentration of authority will be handled evangelically, faithfully and fraternally. Time will tell whether or not that is the case.”
Time will tell indeed. Meanwhile the work of mercy will continue and the proclamation of the Gospel will too.  Our prayer should be that God’s word speak on and conquer.