People seem to be missing an important point about the time we live in and what is going on in the world  according to some pundits.  Folks who look at this election and try to use the old categories and metrics are missing the point that the populace is not in an ideological mode, but a revolutionary one.  They are frustrated with the establishment and they want a revolution.  It isn’t a Republican/Democrat thing because we are starting to realize that Republicans will do the same stuff Democrats do only slower.

In 1969 in the middle of what could have been the most violent of revolutionary times in this country a Pastor by the name Raymond Schulze preached on “Revolution and Institution and Ascension”  He wrote –

Revolutionaries should remember that not only in our bureaucratic institutions are the poor forgotten, the prophets silenced, and the aspirations and imagination of the individual squelched, but that revolutionary movements have been known to be decidedly closed to criticism, callous to old and young, and exploitative of the poor.