rev quoteSo Vets have been dying because the VA doesn’t seem to know how to take care of them and have fudged the books on appointments so that it looks like they are seeing more patients than they are.  What looks like it might have been a criminal conspiracy to murder people is before congress and the Democrats of course blame the Republicans for cutting funding to the VA.  Republicans seem totally unable to do anything about it except huff and puff but they won’t blow the house down, and so the issue fades until we hear more about more deaths and the outrage starts again. Democrats of course say more money is what is needed while Republicans say more investigations are necessary and then we discover that while the VA was seemingly poor, according to the Dems they were spending 20 million bucks on “art”.  We also learn that the Republican call for investigations by the attorneys General was basically ignored and maybe laughed at. That is why many people say that an institution like the VA cannot be fixed – it must be destroyed.

That sounds awful of course but ask yourselves how many Veteran care organizations are out there doing good work through charitable gifts.  Think what they could do if the Veterans Administration budget was divided among them.  Think what they could do with the $20 million that was spent on “art”?