The State Department said that the number of terror attacks around the world was lower than ever in 2015.  Of course this is the State Department that doctored a video where a spokesman basically admitted that the Department lied about the Iran Nuclear deal.  This is the State Department that lied about the video that didn’t cause the unrest in the Mideast after the ambassador to Libya and 4 others were murdered.  This is the State Department that actually doctored the film of the French Premier committing the unpardonable sin of  using the words “Islamic Extremism”.

The former State Department spokesmen, who now advises the President is really angry at a newsman who actually figured out that the department is rewriting history.  She wrote him a note saying that he should educate himself about what is going on in the world.  She said, “Hopefully you will find the time to spend on the range of global events happening in the world in between attacking my character”.  Interestingly when reporters actually try and educate themselves and us about global events, people like her lie to us and tell us that what is happening really isn’t.

A former Secretary of State says she is for a coherent foreign policy, but just about everyone including our enemies seems to believe that the last 8 years has seen the most incoherent policies in decades.  Perhaps that is why they need to be lied about and history must be rewritten.

Remember the Gruber who admitted that we were lied to over and over again about the Affordable Care Act, it’s costs and benefits and it’s deficiencies.  He thought it was pretty cool because the average citizen is an idiot and needs to be lied too.  The people that told the truth about it were vilified and laughed at.

The Veterans Affairs Administration has repeatedly lied about the treatment or non treatment of our Vets and they continue to die waiting for appointments two years after the problems were brought to light.  Meanwhile the press spends most of it’s time investigating to see if one of the presidential candidates gave a large contribution to veterans causes or not.

38,000 jobs were created last month, the lowest in 5 years and we are told that all is well and the jobs rate is great.  The average person I talk to believes that this economy is the worst in their recent memories but we continue to be told that this is great stuff.

A city Government official somewhere recently said that fireman who put American flags on their firetrucks and drive to fires must “cease and desist because they look like terrorists.  They look like ISIS invading a town and flying their flags”.  There was a time when an idiot like that would probably be unelected.  Recall elections would be held and the guy/gal/other, would not be allowed to be dogcatcher. In this day and age he/she/other is probably hailed as a hero.

A woman is abused and attacked by a crowd while trying to attend a Trump rally.  There is no outcry from the feminists or cries of a “war on women”.  Horses are attacked and injured in New Mexico from a group of “protesters” against Trump and PETA is silent.

We learn that terrorists have indeed crossed the border.

The Russians are rebuilding their nuclear forces and the Chinese are building artificial Islands near the Spratly Islands that are claimed by the Philippines and the Vietnamese.

With all of this going on the full weight of the Federal Government came down on all the schools in the country about what they must do with toilets.

We are indeed unhinged.

Lord have mercy!