Found this note from TH Laetsch just after we entered WWII.

The upheavals in the world must serve God in building His kingdom. Those century-long wars from which finally Rome emerged as the ruler of the world, and the Greek language as the universal language, not only caused innumerable Gentiles to come into contact with the Jews and to learn of their Messianic hope, but at the same time smoothed the way for the preaching and rapid spreading of the Gospel in all the world. In a similar manner God caused Gutenberg to invent the art of printing just before the Reformation, moved the founders of our United States to write religious liberty into our Constitution, gave us the radio as a means of spreading the Gospel to the utter-most parts of the earth. Even this present world war must serve the spreading of the Gospel. Through the sending of Christian soldiers to all parts of the earth the Gospel is brought to many that would not have heard it because of the sluggishness of so many Christians. What comfort to know that even in the time of war and diorder God is building His kingdom on earth and bringing the Gospel of salvation to many who have not yet heard it.