I took this picture in my garden yesterday.  I tried to set this up with a good foundation and the base is buried deep.  That part is OK.  It is the piece where the building is connected to the base that has issues – it is somekind of a screw that seems to tighten and really doesn’t – not being mechanical I don’t get it.  Any way I thought there was an object lesson here.

Sometimes the church seems to be sideways or lopsided.  It seems to function not as the body of Christ but as a loose knit organization of like minded individuals who get along well as long as their minds are alike.  Throw in a difference of opinion or a perceived slight or an issue of power and we, as one of my friends likes to say, “get sideways with one another”.  The base and support is still strong.  We are still “built on the Rock” even though the steeples seem to be falling.  That’s when we need to work on that connection that keeps us all connected to the sure foundation.