David writes in Psalm 139 “In Thy book were written everyone of the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.”

Old Time Professor Alfred Rehwaldt wrote – “It is not a mere coincidence that I am here and you are there, and that tomorrow or the day after someone else has taken our place. Long, long ago before there was any angel or man, or blade of grass or drop of dew, God had brought us to this present moment to bestow a blessing upon us. If we are not self-willed, but trustingly lay our hand in His, every moment of life will be a moment of blessing, no matter how much the trends of the time may seem to push us around or hostile forces may seem to turn upon us. Even the dark and the somber things will turn out to be our friends.”

For all you who are sick or undergoing treatments or tests or just struggling with the fractiousities  of life Psalm 139 is something you need to immerse yourself in for awhile.  Tonight at our Lenten devotional services we will be talking about the importance of the Psalm and the message of Christ.