So evidently walls and barriers are moral when they keep starving people hungry rather than letting them have food and medicine from a corrupt democracy like America.  I guess food and medicine is corrupted by the racist, xenophobic, nation from which it comes.  We are learning now that good paying jobs are less important than the publicity of pretending that you have defeated a corrupt rich businessman.

Socialists, as we have seen in the last few months, think that walls are immoral when they do not serve their political purposes.  The question is when are walls OK?  Under what circumstances are walls alright or moral or a good thing?  Well socialists built the Berlin Wall amid the scathing criticism from most of the rest of the world and that wall was really meant to keep people from leaving what they called a socialist paradise.   We have walls, or at least what passes for a wall with blockades set at border crossings to keep food and medicine out of Venezuela as the people starve because they obviously don’t know that they are living in a socialist paradise.  I guess after they die from starvation they will awake to the paradise that their “betters” promised.  The same thing happened in Argentina and other places which for whatever reason a lot of people seem to think are heroic bastions that celebrate and revere the “people”.  The collective is essential – the individual is not in socialism and that is sometimes forgotten in our fevered political rhetoric.  Right now there are folks with guns and motorcycles running around the Venezuelan country side killing people who are against the socialist dictator Maduro.  They are called “collectivos”. The collective is what is important and individuals can be disposed of rather quickly for the greater good.

It is not just murder and the pounding on the door in the middle of the night and labor camps etc that are the hallmark of socialism..  It is the casual way that folks are thrown under the bus and ignored, for the higher good of the “movement”.  The 25,000 good paying jobs that will not be going to Long Island City are a perfect example.  In socialism the fact that you need a job is less important than you doing the kind of job they want you to have, or to suffer from not having a job for the greater good of all.  Sanctuary cities which are a utopian socialist concepts offer folks a supposedly better life but those seeking sanctuary are forgotten and placed into ghettos where they can defecate in the streets and live in a drug induced coma while the “compassion” of their betters is sounded in the media.

Jesus called for compassion and mercy and said the poor we would always have with us.  Paul said that those who didn’t want to work shouldn’t eat.  Socialism promises to protect those who don’t want to work but never tells them they won’t eat either.  It promises fair jobs but never delivers and uses the language of the Gospel to confuse and obfuscate.  It corrupts the compassion of those who seek justice and blinds those that seek mercy.