This from last week – forgot to publish.

Psalm 23 is about movement. My favorite painting and mural is Jesus the Good Shepherd walking resolutely ahead with a lamb on his shoulder and the rest of the flock just behind but looking forward. The flock is on the move and there are wearisome ravines and scary things ahead but the shepherd is there. There are frightening shadows and real enemies that would turn them into a feast but they will feast in front of the enemies because the shepherd sets the table.
Psalm 23 is about movement but my first devotional thought is lying down in green pastures and the somnolent buzz of a thousand bees. I always enjoy spending time with herd animals who are ready at the flight of a bird, or the sound of distant thunder to run. That instinct is tampered down by the presence of a shepherd for sheep, and it is a powerful point in the Psalm. Fearing no evil is a big deal. Not startling and jumping at every small alarm means rest and recuperation. The voice of the shepherd reassures and warns when needed.
So this Sunday is the Sunday of the Good Shepherd. I will miss it. I had a good report from my oncologist but there are some issues to face like the loss of my voice. The most beautiful lyrical hymns we have are sung this Sunday and I can’t sing. I can’t podcast. It is frustrating.
Wonderful people are helping and supportive. I have to remind myself that the Shepherd sets the table and we lack nothing.