Toto wrote and performed a great song about rain down in Africa that was evocative to enough people that had never been to Africa to become a huge hit. For those of us who have been there it brings lots of memories and raises some interesting questions that cross cultures. I am starting to think in terms of the old ones and the young ones and the differences in perspective and vision and out look. There were times in Africa when the hooliganism that I chocked up to the youth was exuberantly expressed by the old ones. I remember visiting and attending a wedding high up in the hills. Plastic tarps were strung between poles in the yard and folks were cooking in the back yard. Eagles were swooping down and whirling around the cook pots and stealing food. As the rain fell and the plastic over the poles filled with rainwater the old men took their walking sticks and poked them trying to rain on the young ones who sat very poised and sour. At home, a half a world away I remember thinking that the roles would be reversed and the young ones would be making the old ones mad. I remember the Bishop shouting and rejoicing in the rain. “How can people hate rain?’ he asked. It is the blessing of life and health and new prospects. Getting married in the rain is a true blessing and the mud in your festival clothes will wash out with the rain. God sends the rain to all, the rich and poor the mean and righteous. Makes no difference, God sends it rejoice and be glad.” So we rejoiced and the old ones played jokes and bladders on the roof refilled so there would be running water and plenty to drink.

I have been one of the rainy days and Monday’s crowd. Never liked the rain. Now I see how we wait to be blessed and rejoice. So we pray – God, the creator and preserver of all things, without your constant care and support all things wither and die, and you have called your Christian people to intercede for all. We ask your to fill the reservoirs of the heavens and bestow your gracious blessing of rain for the kindly fruits of the earth to grow. IN Jesus name- amen