I received  this this information the other day and found it interesting in the connections we have up here in the North Country.  Many years ago I had the call to Beulah ND.  Later I had the call to Kallispell.

Anyway this might be a great way to understand the New Testament and the mercy work Paul was involved in.  Here is a letter.


I am Darold Reiner, born and raised in the Zap-Beulah area and now a retired LCMS Pastor – having served for 55 years in Nebraska, Missouri and Montana. Since my retirement several years ago from Trinity Lutheran Church in Kalispell, MT, the Lord has given me the health to be able to lead a tour each year. This year I have put together a tour of Greece and Turkey (October 4-14, 2016) which I simply call “Following the Apostle Paul”. I have incorporated into the tour a 3- day cruise covering the Greek Islands, Patmos, and Ephesus at a very reasonable price.

I have never been able to afford to do any advertising so the only way I can get the word out is by emailing individual congregations in our Synod. Would it be possible for you to do me a special favor – to “copy and paste” one of the following paragraph in your bulletin or newsletter? I would really appreciate it if you could! Hopefully I can return the favor somehow/sometime! It is possible that one or more members of your congregation could be spiritually blessed by this effort.

May God continue to use you in the North Dakota District!  I still have lots of relatives there – including three wonderful sisters.
Christ’s peace to you as you proclaim God’s Truth to all!

Darold Reiner

BIBLICAL TOUR OF GREECE AND TURKEY – October 4-14, 2016 – “Following the Apostle Paul” –To Corinth, Athens, Philippi, Thessalonica, etc. – Includes a Cruise of the Greek Islands to Patmos & Ephesus – $3854 from New York – Includes all the flights, cruise, meals, lodging, guides, tips, entrance fees, etc. – Will even make arrangements for the flight to New York from your home! Brochure available – Contact Darold Reiner, retired LCMS Pastor & former International LWML Pastoral Counselor – 406-890-1149 or imhis38@gmail.com