Syria_infographic_2_480This is an info graph that can be found at the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service Website.  LIRS has been working valiantly to get refuges out of Syria.  With all that hard work 10000 have been brought out and 50 of them were Christians.

I served on floor committee 3 for the Synod’s Convention held this summer in Milwaukee.  The Rev. Dr. Lee Hagan, president of the LCMS Missouri District was the chairman of Floor Committee 3 on Mercy.  He did a great job and I enjoyed all the other members and their contributions.  I was not able to be on the dais on the last day because of travel arrangements but on the last day of the convention our last resolutions were passed.

This from the reporter.

(Thursday, July 14), Floor Committee 3 returned before the close of the convention to present its final two resolutions.

Resolution 3-03, which was adopted by a 782-1 vote, encourages the Synod to become better informed about the worldwide persecution of Christians. Individual Lutherans are encouraged to contact their respective elected officials on behalf of these persecuted Christians, “according to their conscience.”

Finally, delegates adopted Resolution 3-06, which calls for the Synod to support and expand the work of LCMS World Relief and Human Care in the Offices of National and International Mission and to “strengthen collaboration with the Synod’s districts, congregations, Recognized Service Organizations, and partner churches, here and abroad, to identify and respond to needs for mercy.”

I appeal to your conscience to contact your elected officials and ask them how it is possible that with the well know persecution of Christians in Syria and Iraq and all over the near East we can only manage to get 50 out of 10000 to this country?