It is my contention that actual news reporting in this country is dead. Headlines have nothing to do with the contents of the story, and often the contents of the story are reported in such away the “lead” is either dropped or lost.   Some of the writing is obscure.  I am someone who gets a lot of questions about some of the things I have written. I understand the difficulty of putting something in writing in your own words that makes sense.  The truth is they are my own words however, and I always try to source quotes  that I make and if I can’t I’ll let people know this is not my own but someone else’s.   I got the feeling with a lot of what I read that there is one Twitter source from which everything else comes and there is no attribution.

The reporting may be dead, but stupid is alive and well. Here is a report from somewhere in California. I’m gonna break my rule about attribution because this is pathetic.

“Several officers were injured during the riots Sunday, including one who fractured his skull after being hit in the head by a brick.”

The real story here is why? Was the policeman so upset with himself that he could not dodge a brick  that he banged his head against a wall?   Did he use the Brick with which he had been hit to fracture his skull?  The whole world wants to know.