Syrian refugee

According to the press we got our “quota” of Syrian Refugees.  I think it is great.  I just want an understanding of the math.

“Before the war, Christians made up approximately 10 percent of Syria’s population. The ongoing conflict now makes their fate uncertain. In October 2015, the European Parliament stated that 700,000 Christians, about 40 percent of Syria’s Christian population, have left the country”, so said Newsweek Magazine a year ago.  Issues about Christian safety can be confusing because for many Christians the Assad regime is seen as a protector.  Yet thousands are forced from their homes both by those who support Assad and those who are rebelling against him.  It is, like all civil wars a mess, and the fecklessness of the politicians from around the world haven’t helped.

“The question facing Syria’s Christians of how to preserve their community concerns all Syrians, not just Christians” wrote  Flavius Mihaies  a consultant at the World Bank and a journalist. In May and August 2015 he traveled to Syria and saw first hand the mess.  He quoted a Christian leader saying ““Western governments are not helping, with the exception of Germany, whose government has provided food parcels, medical kits and education programs to our Church organizations and maybe to others as well.” He continued, “They are willing to help Iraqi Christians because they are persecuted by ISIS, but here in Syria we are considered to be pro-regime.”

My concern is the fact that 50 Christians can be found among the 10000 brought to the US.  Even if 40 percent of the 10 percent have left that is still a good amount of people.  There were 23 million Syrians a few years ago.  That means 2.3 million Christians.  If 40 percent migrated that means there are still about a million left.  Out of a population of 10000 refugees there should be more than 50 people!

Let’s think of it this way.  Lets think that 10% of 10000 is 1000?  It is, right?  According to those who know better than I, 50 is .5% of 10000.  Does the .5% represent the number of Christians left, or the amount of care there is in trying to find them because they are Christian?