So it rained last night and I woke up this morning to several inches of snow. It is always depressing at this time of the year.  One year in April all the snow accumulated over the whole winter had melted very quickly and in one night a blizzard came and deposited almost as much as we had accumulated all winter and we had floods. One of the reasons we started this blog was think about the different ways we up here in the North country show acts of mercy and care for one another. There’s nothing like a flood to bring out helpful caring people that will put themselves out to help you when you’re in need. So here’s a blast from the past there’s obviously sandbagging going on in the background.   People had gathered, often unasked, and simply came and started sandbagging and removing things from the house in case things got out of hand.  So here’s some questions and if anyone knows the answer please let me know.

  1.  Can you tell the city or town where the picture was taken?

2.  Do you know who lived in the house in the background?

3.  Do you know who the individual is in the picture?

4.  This is a bonus question – do you think publicizing this picture will make suspenders a fashion statement again?