We came across these guys in the Samburu and found that they were part of a new “conservancy”.  They wander around in the bush with hi powered weapons trying to keep the Somali’s and the Al Shabab terrorists from killing the elephants and anything else that moves and might have some value.  The camouflage was what interested me because I didn’t see these guys until we were right on them.  The only reason I saw them at all was the white Nakumatt bag.  These things are ubiquitous.  Nakumatt is like our Wall Mart.  The plastic bags are used for everything from lining the roofs of the huts to tying sticks together to make a travois.

Anyway I was wondering about our camouflage.  Do we blend in with the background of the world so well that no one even knows we are Christians?  The only time we stand out is when that white robe of Christ’s righteousness shines forth.