Rodney Kings funeral

Rodney King who recently passed away was famous for a beating that he took in Los Angeles at the hands of the police and the riots and death that took place after that.  I never considered him an intellectual giant and certainly not one given to theological contemplation.  He famously stammered at a press conference, “can’t we all just get along”?  Good question and one that Luther posed as well.  It is an extrememly important question for the church of Jesus Christ.  There are some out there who still don’t get it.  We have a unity that Jesus created by his suffering and death and all we have to do is live in it.  Here is Luther …………..

May God, the Father of all mercy, grant us through Jesus Christ, his dear Son, the spirit of unity and the power to do his will. Even though the finest spirit of unity prevails among us we still have our hands full to do good and be established by the power of God. What would happen if there were disunity and disagreement among us? The devil has become neither pious nor devout this year, nor will he ever be so. So let us be on guard and anxious to keep (as Paul teaches) the spiritual unity in the bond of love and peace (Eph.4:3). Amen” –Luther, “Preface to the Instructions for the Visitors of Parish Pastors” AE 40:273