Trinity Appleton MN

We use this blog to show the connections we have up here in the North country and the connections we have as Mo Synod Lutherans in these Districts.  The Project 24 partnership is a manifestation of our life in Christ that expends to partners and friends around the world.  Rev. Paul Krueger has been in North Dakota for a long time and has worked tirelessly as our disaster person and the Coordinator of Mercy Care.   His Father was a Pastor for years in Minnesota North.  Paul’s wife is from Appleton.  We received this communication.

It’s with deep personal sadness that I write to inform you of a very sad turn of events in our family. On Tuesday, September 12th, Julie’s father, Ronald Munsterman, was killed in a work-related accident. While blading the county’s gravel roads as he had done for many years, Ron’s road grader was struck by a train at an unmarked crossing. Ron was unable to recover from his injuries and died a short time later at a local hospital. In the midst of deep grief we are grateful for Ron’s lifelong trust in our Lord Jesus and the confident hope of an eternal heavenly home. On behalf of our entire family we thank you for your caring support and the prayers that you offer to our Lord Jesus on our behalf. Thank you for showing God’s love to us during this difficult time.
The funeral will be Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church in Appleton, MN.
Pastor Krueger, Julie and family”.

When I first came to the North Dakota District I remember meeting a Pastor Bucholz who was at Hankinson ND.  I remember him because I thought he might be related to one of the members of my congregation, and because he was leaving for a new call to Appleton and I thought he was going to Wisconsin.   He followed Dan Abrahams who was going to Fergus Falls and, later,  Detroit Lakes.  Both of those churches have been wonderful supporters of Project 24.  It is interesting the things that we remember when certain events and images come to our minds.  God bless the memories of the Kruger’s and all who knew Mr. Munsterman.  Remembering must always include God’s gracious action and care for us in Christ Jesus.