Youth Home program moved to Minot Campus

Fargo, Aug. 24, 2011: Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch has made great strides in its flood recovery efforts in the recent weeks. The boys and girls who are residents at the Ranch will start arriving from the Ranch’s Bismarck and Fargo programs, Wednesday, Aug. 24. They will be welcomed back with a special church service and dinner the evening of Aug. 25.

Other pieces of flood recovery are related to the water and sewer service, which has been restored to the campus, although service has not been totally dependable, and campus has experienced outages. Consequently, the portable potties remain on campus, as well as large amounts of drinking/potable water.

The Ranch has completed about 70 percent of drainage tile installation in all the buildings, and anticipates a total completion in all buildings within the next month. The Ranch also is turning the temporary dikes into permanent fixtures.

The Minot Community Youth Home program has been relocated to the Minot Ranch campus, and Ranch officials are researching funding avenues to replace the building.

The on-campus educational center, Dakota Memorial School, will start on schedule for the residents. The day education program will begin at a later date, which synchronizes with the Minot Public School System.

The Minot Ranch is on track for recovery, but it’s not going to happen tomorrow.

“Best estimates show it will take a year to achieve normal operations,” said President Gene Kaseman. “I want to thank all the staff and residents for the patience and resiliency they have demonstrated in the past couple months. Their efforts have responsible for the great strides the Ranch has made in bouncing back from all this flood related adversity.”

Visit to view flood photos of the Minot Campus and the Youth Home.

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is a Recognized Service Organization of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and is an Affiliated Social Ministry Organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.