We had some quotes from my faculty advisor from years ago, Lorenz Wunderlich, who wrote a wonderful devotion on the “Holy Spirit and the Christian Life”.  We have snippets – this one I thought was particularly appropriate.

In the presence of doubt and terror it is the sanctifying Spirit who establishes and sustains our conviction that we are God’s own elect (2 Thess. 2: 13; 1 Peter 1: 2). His intercessions “in sighs too deep for words” are in full accord with the Father’s will and thus cover the imperfection of our petitions (Rom. 8:26). This sanctifying Spirit will bring our sanctification to its ultimate perfection by trans-forming our mortality into immortality at the resurrection of all flesh (Rom. 8: 11 ). It is this eschatological ministry of the Holy Spirit which is so forcefully presented by Luther in the explanation of the Third Article in the Large Catechism.