hungry hands

A saw a survey of food agencies and a study they did with local volunteers at local agencies who reported that a pretty good percentage of people coming in for food were known in the community to be people of means.  That is why most of the agencies have a policy that limits the number of times in a year you can come to that pantry and some are even thinking of “means testing”.

Luther’s understanding of living by faith makes us the free Lords of all, and the absolute slaves of all.  Paradoxes are what Lutherans thrive on.  I work believing that God will supply all my need and yet I also work as if God did not exist.  I plan but I do not trust in planning.  I do good works but I don’t believe they count for anything except to my neighbor.  I am a saint and a sinner at the same time.  When discussing the need to care for the neighbor and the possibility that the neighbor might defraud us Luther said……

“He who has nothing to live should be aided, and if he deceives us what of it?  He should be aided again”.