Julie McManus was one of our first Mary Okeyo scholarship travelers and she and her father have been tireless workers and advocates for Project 24 since she came back.  She is a teacher and her father is a retired pastor.  She has been planning to get married for a long time.  I am told that women start planning their weddings when they are children  I don’t know if that is true or not but and she and her fiancé, Jon Gosz have been planning their wedding for several months. They were supposed to get married today in Prior Lake, MN.

Like everything else the coronavirus has been razing Cain with plan and churches and weddings and travel and a whole host of other things.A few weeks ago Julie and Jon decided they would cancel their big wedding. Everything was set and invitations had already gone out to their 200+ guests. After canceling all the arrangements, they decided a smaller ceremony in the home with only close family in attendance.  However, just a few days before their wedding was set to happen, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz issued a “stay at home” order, which took effect at 11:59 p.m. last night.  So the wedding took place yesterday afternoon

Congratulations Julie and Jon and Pastor McManus. God bless you and remember the old Baptismal blessing, “God preserve your coming and your going out from this time forward and even forevermore”.

Here is a link to their story