kays kruise 1

Kay’s Kruise

I am not and have never been a “gear head”.  This is a culture that I know nothing about and can’t imagine as a hobby but evidently there are folks out there that take old cars and make them look like new, or they take newer cars and do stuff to them that make them really interesting.  I haven’t washed my car in two years so this whole concept is beyond me.  These folks get together at different places and have car shows and parades.

It is hard to see from this angle but the cars in the picture are all on a parade with a purpose that is really quite inspiring.  The folks in this club are driving by the home of a friend and fellow gear head who for health reasons couldn’t participate.  As they drove by the house they would stop and put a rose in a vase on her sidewalk.  They also took a donation for “Relay for Life”.

I have seen the letter describing this and I can’t read the name of the person that dreamed it up but they should be commended.  This is one of those things that you see that add up to the “little kindnesses” that make life together beautiful.  The person on the receiving end of the kindness is an old friend named Kaye Keller.  I have known her for 35 years and she is a marvelous, kind and gentle person and this display of love shows the regard others have for her.  So who ever thought of this excursion, well done.  And to Kaye – God bless.

kayes Kruise 2

Kaye and part of her family watching the “Kruise”.