I mentioned in a sermon that many people feel that Albrecht Durer’s picture of this lone Knight harassed by the devil was adopted by many as an image of the Christian who can stand and fight and go on about their business as God’s people in circumstances beyond their control.  I had remembered the Knights horse as being in bad shape and looking like it might fall over.  That is not the case.

Evidently Hitler thought this was a stirring representation of Teutonic stalwartness and a great piece of art, but then he loved Wagner too.  It is a creepy picture whatever you view and it has many folks interpreting it in a very political way.

I still like this – “At the dawn of the Reformation Albrecht Durer painted his masterpiece of the knight who dares to defy death and devil. This may be said to be a symbol of Luther’s faith. This faith gave him not only a sense of security but also a sense of freedom: freedom from the Law and freedom to serve God and his fellow men.” Paul Bretscher CTM 1960