I told the folks on Sunday I am through with picking on Thomas on the second Easter Sunday.  Doubting Thomas, as we like to call him was there when Jesus came and granted them peace.  I think that as an example of faithfulness, he may be lacking, but they all were.  So are we.  As usual Luther gives a good perspective on the appearance of Jesus to Thomas in the upper room.

From Martin Luther’s Sermon for Easter 2
John 20:19-31

​In the same manner He still comes to us through the Gospel, offers us peace and
bestows His works upon us: if we believe, we have them; if we believe not, we have
them not. For the Lord’s hands and feet really signify nothing but His works, which
He has done here upon earth for men. And the showing of His side is nothing but the
showing of His heart, in order that we may see how kind, loving and father-like His
mind is toward us. All this is set forth for us in the Gospel as certainly and
clearly as it was revealed and shown to the disciples bodily in our text. And it is
much better that it is done through the Gospel than if He now entered here by the
door; for you would not know Him, even if you saw Him standing before you, even much
less than the Jews recognized Him.