Received this picture from Bob Wurl at the Minnesota North Convention of the Project 24 display.  There was a cryptic note that said that he, Bob, was on the stage with Roger Weinlaeder and had no other pictures as of yet.  That makes me a bit nervous.  I hope the Arrowwood Conference Center has enough room.  I am not sure that there is enough room on too many stages for Roger and Bob together.

I joke of course.  These kind and good men take time out of their work and leisure to dedicate time to care for folks far away who they may never see this side of eternity.  Their  work on behalf of at risk children in Kenya and their support for mission projects is quite dramatic and worthy of emulation.  These are the kind of folks that Paul gave thanks for when he talked about “partnership in the Gospel”.

There are other dedicated folks at this convention as well.  Pastor McManus who spent time in Kenya at the Project 24 sites and his daughter Julie who was a GEO missionary and a Mary Okeyo traveler.  We thank them all.