My initial reaction when I saw this pie chart was, “why bother to poll these folks at all”?  Then I remembered that they can vote which is dismaying.  They don’t know who their Senators are but they can vote anyway.  It begs two questions about polling.  One, can they be trusted?  Two, what is the point?

Jesus took a poll.  Who do people say that I am?  That is a poll.  Some said this and some said that, and Jesus, to separate the disciples from those who weren’t sure or those who rejected Him polled them.  Who do you say I am?  The answer, “you are the Christ, the Son of the living God” was as Luther said, “a gift given to beggars”.

Divine polling is good.  In Revelation 5 there is a poll taken.  Who is worthy to open a scroll? There is weeping and mourning because no one in heaven or on the earth was worthy.  And them there is reveled  a lamb that had been slain and that lamb is the Christ the Son of the living God.

There are other instances of polling in the Bible.  The choosing of deacons in Acts and the polling of those who proposed to serve the Lord by Joshua are a couple.  Polling was conducted to illicit a confession or a choice or as a snapshot of opinion.

Todays polling beggars description.  It seems to be part and parcel of the nattering nabobs of negativism, and much ado about nothing.  It also at times seems designed to change or influence public opinion.

Sometimes I just have to step back and ask a question and analyze the nonsense we have shoved down our throat everyday.  So here it is – polls say that overwhelmingly millennials do not like the current President and that he is in the 90% disapproval rating.

Now there is a poll that shows that the current President is breaking up relationships.  42% of millennials polled said that they have had really bad arguments over the President and some of them have had breakups over him.  Not being a statistician and not knowing how all this extremely important stuff works, I wonder how it is that if almost all of the millennials hate the President why would there be any argument about him at all?  Unless the poll about relationships means that the basement dwelling millennials are arguing with mom and dad this makes no sense.  The polling suggests that the arguments are among millennials themselves and that when they do come out of the basement and talk among themselves there are arguments about politics that have lead to breakups. I imagine that the smart phones and the tweets must get really brutal.   So does a small sample size represent the arguments between the vast majority of millennials who hate the President and the miniscule number who support him, or is the first poll wrong and more millennials support the President than they tell us?   Why is this even news?  Is it fake news and do our journalists still rely upon polls when they were so severely shattered by them before?  Could this be another plot by the waskily wussians to mess with our heads?  Does it make a difference and who really cares?