Doris Tibbets

We’ve done rallies at Bemidji and Isle and a mission service at Elbow Lake.  Doris Tibbets was a member of Trinty in Drayton North Dakota a few years ago.  Her husband was the principle of the Hallock School where Dean Lipinski is currently attending and Dean is one of the Mary Okeyo travelers.  Doris was one of the organizers of the rally at Bemidji.

At Isle I had a chance to visit with Dorothy Abrahamson who is currently serving as the Gospel Outreach coordinator for the Minnesota North LWML.  Dorothy has been very active and busy with the LWML and her husband is currently recuperating from some medical issues.  Dorothy was given a bouquet for her work and dedication.  She is known for carrying boxes of materials around the Distirct to various rallies and gatherings.  She gave me a box to take and give to Cheryl Peterson at Elbow Lake.

As you know Cheryl Peterson went on the trip to Kenya last January.  I gave her the box from Dorothy and she gave me three large boxes of ingathered school supplies from her church and there is more that has been gathered from St. John and Trinity parishes in  Montevieo (see blog for October 17, 2011).  Cheryl had returned from a rally in Warren which is just across the river from Grafton and Drayton.  So now we have more stuff for our group to carry but Cheryl wants them to bring back the Childrens Bible Club videos that David Chu Chu gave us when we were in Kenya so they will have something to bring back too.

I’m learning that the LWML saves a lot on postage by dragging stuff all over the place.   Can anyone out there help us get a container from the Orphan Grain Train people that could be sent to Kenya?  We are getting a lot of stuff.  We don’t have enough room in suitcases for it all.


Window at Christ - Elbow Lake

I want to thank the folks at Christ in Elbow Lake for their hospitality and the great meal.  Thanks to the folks in Montevideo for the ingathering and all the other folks that have done ingatherings as well.  It is appreciated.