Everyday I learn how ignorant I am.  I’m not stupid but I am ignorant.  That is one of the reasons that we are doing this blog – to show people how much ‘stuff’ goes on out there that we are ignorant of, and maybe we will want to get into the act.  We try and give some theological foundation for doing stuff as well and sometimes we just have fun. but.

I did not know about Concordia Gospel Outreach.  I was 10 years on the Board of LCMS World Relief and Human Care, I am now on the Board of International Missions and I have never heard of this operation.  Now we are partners in a little project.  Here is how it works…..I talked about the fact at Rongo we have a Project 24 rescue center attached to the school and now that the center has been built it is nicer than the classrooms and the school house that the children attend.  Since this is a church school there is no government help.  There are also no books.  Look at the blog for January 26, 2012 and you will see the children and the cow.

So along comes President Fondow who was at some meeting and says to me “do you know Elizabeth Pittman”.  I am ignorant about Elizabeth Pittman.  He says I should call her.  I call her and she says that she will donate books to ‘seed’ a library for Rongo.  We look into shipping costs from this end and figure to send the books that Concordia Gospel Outreach gives us for nothing will cost about $1000 or more.  So we are going to recruit the Mary Okeyo Scholarship fund travelers that will be going in June and have them divide the books into their respective suitcases and carry them over.

You can find out for yourself about this ministry at http://sites.cph.org/cgo/initiatives.asp

In the meantime a financial donation for the teachers of Rongo to go to a bookstore and buy the books the government says they need to teach would be nice – as we said any of you teachers and administrators that would like to help, let us know.  These books not only allow for religious instruction but the children learn English as well.  This is good stuff.

Elizabeth Pittman of Concordia Gospel Outreach getting books for Rongo