utopia 2


Back in the day there were people who talked about a “Christian Kingdom” and they had one for awhile.  It gave Christianity a bad name to this day.  There are people who talk about a world wide religion that will rule the earth and we are suffering the consequences now.  Their are politicians that promise the mood  and talk in messianic terms about hope and change – those are eschatological terms and they really do mean something but not in this climate and not among those people.  That kind of stuff was going on in Luther’s day too Here is what he wrote –

“Their teaching is nothing other than worldly goods, temporal, fleshly and earthly promise, which the mob gladly hears—namely that they . . . imagine a kingdom in on earth in which all the godless are slain and they alone are to have good days. Who wouldn’t want that? That is indeed, however, an open, palpable lie, for Christ has prepared for His own not a worldly kingdom, but rather a heavenly kingdom and says, In the world you will have anxiety and distress’ [John 16:33]; likewise, ‘My kingdom is not of this world’ [John 19:36].