After being exposed to the coronavirus, a New Hampshire man not only didn’t self-quarantine, but instead went to a large gathering of medical students and residents near the Dartmouth campus which is also the home of a medical center. Now, he has the coronavirus, as does someone who came in close contact with him, and authorities are trying to track down everyone who was at the event. He’s now been officially ordered by the state to remain in quarantine. A state spokesman said, “The individual is complying now.”  The man himself is a medical professional and it makes one wonder how stupid we all are in our perspectives.  This gentlemen would probably sound the alarm about the virus at the drop of a hat or wax eloquent about the deadly danger we are in if he were looking for more funding.  He would probably be telling everyone else to self quarantine but for whatever reason he felt the need to attend a “mixer” of medical professionals.  Now the tut tutting begins at the stupidity of a medical professional while we urge people to listen to the medical professionals.  In the meantime 11 people died in this country from the virus, most of them from a rehabilitation center on the west coast.  Those are tragic deaths and we pray for everyone, but the fact is that in less than two hours 24 people died in the tornado swarms that hit Tennessee.  Washing your hands won’t keep a tornado away but it will fend off the coronavirus and the other viruses that kill between 3,000 and 49,000 people every year.  We are told over and over again that washing your hands is the defense and yet year after year some lucky researchers get to wander around the country and randomly test our hand washing habits.  Waiting outside public rest rooms these intrepid researchers check peoples hands for the effectiveness of their hand washing.  Year after the same results apply – 90% of those tested had fecal material on their hands.  Now we have a bunch of folks on a cruise ship anchored outside of San Francisco who will have to be quarantined.  After two weeks or whatever length of time they will be released to the streets of San Francisco where they will be walking in fecal material.  Out the frying pan and into fire as they say.

The “we want everything and we want it now crowd”, who seem to run politics today have been yammering for the ability to stay home and work, or stay home and not work but magically get paid, have received the news that some companies are commanding workers to stay home and do their jobs with horror.  Rather than be thankful for small favors they see the action as a sign of the end of days. Perspective can be pretty perplexing.  The president who banned travelers from China because of the virus was of course called a racist.  The ban took effect during the impeachment trial so the obloquy leveled at him was somewhat dulled.  Now of course he is accused of not acting fast enough.

The WHO, the world health organization, another model of central planning insanity and stupidity, came out with guidelines about the virus that were a laundry list of virtue signaling nonsense.  Running around like their hair was on fire the best these globalist geniuses could offer was to ban the use of words about victims like “infected” or “infectious”, or “contagious” or “contaminated”.  They were more concerned about people being discriminated against  than they were of them dying.  I suppose that shaming folks for not washing their hands is off limits as well.

People are out there screaming about advice and direction from “experts” and then when they get it, they ignore it.  Something should be said about those who have answers for everything in the political realm visiting the real world where government directions and expert pontifications aren’t heeded by anyone, anyway.

Jesus accusation about the Pharisee’s, that they strained out gnats and swallowed camels, fits in here somewhere but I’m not sure where.

Pray for the folk in Tennessee and send some money to LCMS Disaster response because the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod will be there.

My curmudgeon advice is wash your hands and stay out of my yard.