Church I preched at

I preached at this Church in Kenya long ago.  I don’t remember the name  but I believe that it was in the hills above Oyugis.  This is downloaded from the Synod website but I have a picture like it.  This individual women looking out over the valley seems alone and lonely but of course she is not.  There is a community behind her and down the hill and a congregation that gathers.  There is a larger gathering of believers and unbelievers down the hill and a bustling world around her.  There are fellow believers all around the Africa Continent, and of course there are some of us gathered over here in the North Country this women will never meet or know this side of everlasting life.


She looks alone in the picture but that is not really true of any of us.  The body of Christ is an organic reality created by the Holy Spirit who calls and gathers and enlightens and sanctifies.  The lone women is a part of a vast vanguard that moved through the centuries by God’s grace and mercy to everlasting life, praying along the way for one another and the coming of the Kingdom among us.  Our Church has a “life together” because as John Pless writes, “our life together is not based on human preferences or attractions of particular personalities but in Christ Jesus who has redeemed us by His blood, called us by His Spirit working through the Gospel, and incorporated us into His body with the washing of the water with the Word. Jesus Christ is both the source and end of our life together”.

John Kissinger Nyang’au the Kenyan Project Manager for Project 24 wrote to the group assembled to discuss the future and the scope of the project and said this – I am leaving his syntax and spelling in tact as he thanked those present for ……..

Your wealth sharing of knowledge, indomitable courage to make a difference in orphans, boundless compassion, unique talents and selfless generosity with those less fortunate. Thanks for your generosity passion for life not only in Kenya but also global. A love of people and a devotion of giving . Tireless work in Africa and other areas around the world to help people break the circle of poverty and transiform their lives and strengthen their families and communities through education as board members, donors, fundraisers and even volunteering with this opportunity internationally u have touched thousands of lives and continue to insipire and empower people to create positive change every day. Gentlemen you are true globel champions for bringing hope happiness and opportunity to families all over the world.

I would like to extend his words and his thanks to all who supported Project 24 for so many years, in the good and bad times and with the thanks ask for your continued support.  More information will be coming on the project scope and future as we move forward.