pastor Zellers



Rev. Zellers used to be in North Dakota and his daughter Kristin Knistler is an important part of our youth ministry and work in the North Dakota District. Pastor Zellers is now in Weber Minnesota and he was recently a part of a group of authors that wrote devotions for the church year and Travis Loeslie from Radium Minnesota was also an author.  The Radium Church and the Loeslies have also been in these pages.  Just another example of the crossings of our paths up here in the North Country.  Now there is an Oklahoma connection too.  If you can help the contact numbers are here.  This from Pastor Zellers……

As some of you know, when St. John goes on its mission trip to the Texas/Mexico border, we often times stay over night at one of our sister congregations.  We have stayed at Moore Oklahoma the past several times and so we feel that we have a special connection to them. Our Mission society met last night and decided to personally do something about the relief efforts, from the devastating tornado.

This is an open invitation!

The Mission Society of St. John in conjunction with the church are requesting congregations of our area to consider the possibility in joining us in the relief efforts of Moore, Oklahoma.  We are asking that people gather in clean, gently used personal items such as; Clothes, Shoes, Towels, Blankets, etc.  Then on Sunday, Father’s Day, June 16th  (between 12 noon and 6 pm) deliver them to St. John Lutheran Church, Weber, Mn.  We will also be taking a door offering on that day to present as a gift to our sister congregation to distribute as they see fit.  We would like to fill our fifteen passenger van and our enclosed trailer with serviceable goods to hand deliver to our Sister congregation in Moore.

P.S.  If for whatever reason you are unable to deliver the donations to St. John we have people who are ready and willing to pick up your donations at your location.  Please make arrangements with Pastor Zellers 763.444.7122

We actually have access to a second slightly larger trailer…. which can accompany us if the folks respond with over abundance.