Photographs from Chiayi City, Taiwan. LCMS Communications/Erik M. Lunsford

As you can see the way photographers look at things and the way most of the rest of us do is interesting.  Photographers, like writers are looking for a hook, or a contrast or something that gives that extra “uumph” to a picture.  The meetings here have been taking place during Lent and the preaching has been about identity.  Who we are and what we are in Christ is all important and during Lent we have the opportunity to see the rich depth of the Gospel and the concepts that explain what happened when Jesus died for sinful humanity.

We bandy words around like justification and atonement and propitiation and ransom and covenant and all of them are facets of a great picture painted at the cross on Calvary.  Eric Lunsford took this picture and He almost made me look good.  He is an amazing photographer and the picture he took of the Aurora is breathtaking