Color Run 2015_Julie_RR_059

Remember we started the Mary Okeyo Scholarship trip to get young people over the Kenya to see the way Christians there work out their faith in their culture with their particular joys and sorrows, challenges and resources.  The trips were well received and those who went have been marvelous resources for mission work and ambassadors in their own right. We are holding the trips in abeyance right now but there is a movement to start them again.

Julie McManus from Minnesota North has applied and been accepted to be a GEO missionary to Kenya.  She was to leave in the Fall and now her trip has been moved forward.

She wrote this –

I have officially received my green light to head to Kenya!  I will be
hopefully leaving now in July.  I can’t believe that the time is here
already.  Whenever I talked with people I told them I was hoping to be
leaving by the fall and now it will be this summer!  So now is crunch
time.  It’s time to get my shots, get my new license, start finalizing
all my plans, continue to visit churches and speak about my mission
opportunity.  There are so many more things for me to think about now,
especially because I didn’t think it would happen this quickly.  46 days
after I gave my first presentation and officially started my support
building I have the best news I could ask for!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me and supporting me
through this process already and I ask for you to continue to pray for
the next few months as I start preparing to leave for my new home.