My friend Ravi Jesupatham, also known as “Mr. Ravi” from India sent a wonderful comment about the song, “the Son Rises Here too” last night.  It was a pleasure to get up and get a cup of coffee and see his kind remarks.  Someday we need to do a blog about Mr. Ravi.  He is a wonderful Christian worker and a great friend and he has a great story.

There were also a couple of emails asking about other songs that have been on the blog and where they are.  I guess looking in the archives is too hard of work.  That’s what technology does to us.  So, bowing to the lazy, (I know these people and can say stuff like this), here is a catalogue of songs that have been on the blog site from me.

“The Son Rises Here Too”.  September 22

“Fire In The Sky”.  August 6

“Fear Not I Am With You”.  June 29

Ain’t Know Grave Can Hold My Body Down”.  April 23