So the folks that can heal the climate, give everyone free schooling and health care, and make everything fair because they are smarter than the rest of us have proven once again that they have problems counting, using a computer app, and even have issues with cell phones.  Four days after the Iowa caucus was supposed to be over they are still counting.  If my recollection is correct about 170,000 folks voted and there are something like 100 precincts.  In case you haven’t heard and you probably haven’t the Republicans had a caucus vote of many thousands as well and it was over and done in a day.  One of the precinct managers said they divided their caucuses up by preference so each candidates voters went to a corner of the gym or wherever they were.  They counted them.  They put the number down on a piece of paper and another official counted as well and then they picked up the phone and told the folks at headquarters what the number was.  It was double checked again by repeating the number.  Each precinct did the same.  There may have been some worry about Boris and Natasha running around trying to get into a cluster of voters and change the results but it didn’t seem to happen.

What we heard from the other side was that they were using a special app supplied by former acquaintances of Hilary Clinton called “Shadow” and that the application was getting the proper information into the application.  It just wasn’t able to get the information out so it could actually be used.  DNC servers and e-mail app’s had been hacked before, but this situation seems to be a simple case of people building a platform and not knowing what they were doing.  The old Obamacare server is a case in point.  Build something so complex because you are so smart that you yourself can’t figure out how to make it work.  Add to the confusion, the “fact” that phones went down, at least that is what we are told.

Like we have seen in so many instances, folks would rather be called incompetent rather than corrupt.  All the accusations about “rigging” elections actual happened.  They just happened to Bernie Sanders the first time and they may be happening again.  Boris and Natasha had nothing to do with it but some interesting actors did.  If you are interested and care, do a internet search (I’m not going to say use Google, that is another story) and search for “Shadow”, “Acronym” and “Lockwood Strategy”.

A mercy blog may seem to be a strange place to talk about stuff like this but these are types of entities in the background of so many things that we do.  They study our eating habits, online activity, our neighbors and their activity and blend it all together into a micro-study of wants and needs and preferences.  They know what charities you might want to give to and what restaurant you will stop in on the way to write the check.  They are amazing at gathering information – they just can’t seem to get it out of the gathering stages to be useable.  Charities have to careful of groups like this.  Prolife organizations have been attacked by folks like this an Boris and Natasha have nothing to do with it.

Anyway here is advice for Iowa.  Get all those folks back and divide them into groups according to their choice to vote.  Then go from group to group and count their legs.  Then divide by two.  Have a buddy check your math and use an old analog desk phone to call headquarters and report.  Easy peasy.