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Bob Wurl sent this video of the girls from Tumiani Project 24 boarding school.  Bob had many connections and has worked hard to get Project 24 out there and connected with a lot of people.

We have talked about the connections up here and the ways our paths cross in the areas of mercy and mission and witness.  We are connected by a common border and that border extends to South Dakota as well.  The missionary efforts that expanded with the Western  movement of settlement with the United States has a common junction in Millbank South Dakota and many of our Pastors and teachers have common memories of their rural churches and backgrounds.

So here is a six degrees of separation story for you.  Project 24 was growing and moving along and we started looking at sending young people to Kenya to learn about the folks over there and their church and ministry.  It was meant to be a learning experience and I never considered them mission trips but learning how the Kenyans witnessed to Christ and his mercy in their unique situations.  We sent many young people over on these trips hoping some would become ambassadors for mercy as well as missionaries.  One of the young people that we sent was Julie McManus who became a GEO missionary to Kenya for two years and came home to teach at Trinity/First in downtown Minneapolis.  Rev. McManus, Julie’s dad went to Kenya as well and had been doing wonderful work raising awareness and fund raising for the Project 24 and Christ Care for Children Kenya support project.  McManus picked up project director Kissinger in Minnepaolis and will be helping Kissinger get around.

The Federwitz’ were in Drayton last night for a presentation and we had supported this extended family before.  Mon and Dad Federwitz were Dale and Alvina.  Alvina is still active.  Got this note from McManus –

FYI: When I lived in SD, we had Dale & Alvina at our church. As I recall Alvina was from Creighton, SD, which is about 20 miles or so north of Wall. She was also related to one of my members in Philip. Also I picked up John Kisssinger from MSP
yesterday and today he will be going to Trinity-First where my daughter Julie is a teacher in downtown Minneapolis. Have a blessed day!

Once again it is a small world and the connections are fascinating and directed in my mind, to Christ’s care for His church.