doubting tomas

“Luther’s suspicion of  works-righteousness leads him to reject the tradition that Thomas  touched Jesus. For, if Thomas had touched Jesus, he would then have  achieved faith by works. Luther remarks that the text says only that  Jesus offered his wounds, but the display of his wounds to the disciples  and especially to Thomas is meant to show them (and us) that salvation  comes through his works alone, not theirs or ours. But not even Luther  could turn the tide of tradition: visual representations of this episode  continue along their same trajectory, with Thomas touching or reaching  to touch the open wound.”  Charles Stang

Interesting.  Go back and read the text.  The Bible never says that Thomas took up Jesus offer and touched the wounds – he saw and believed.  We pick on Thomas a lot and that’s to bad.  This was a man whose down to earth statements have brought some of the best words of Jesus.  Thomas statement, “we don’t know where you are going how we can know the way” was answered – “I am the way, the truth and the life”.  Thomas doubts, or pragmatic outlook gave us some great gifts.