Why anyone would call the Holy Spirit “her” is beyond me unless it is a virtue signal.  While bemoaning that as stupid I like the understanding the Spirit being a comforter, Advocate, guide into truth etc.  I like this quote but I can’t attribute it, but I will when if it.  In the meantime as Luther says is a  “he”.

Because a true Pentecost lets the Spirit be the Spirit. A true Pentecost makes space for the Spirit’s disruption, or rather, realizes after the fact that the Spirit insisted on the space for her disturbance. A true Pentecost sits in the disorder that is often the life of faith — whether that is wondering if the Spirit will arrive (Acts), the grief of abandonment (John), the truth of death (Psalm 104), or our inability to speak of the grace we know to be ours (Romans) — and believes that the Spirit will indeed show herself, not always on our time, not always to our liking, but, nevertheless, always.