st cloud 7 Eunita is at an assembly in St Cloud Minnesota and had a chance to visit with all the children there.  She was in Bismarck and Grand Forks and Dickinson and Willmar.  She even made it to Naomi Dunovans house for an interview and fresh baked goodies.  You can check that story out at   Naomi will also write an article for the Jan. 12 Grand Forks Herald column.   Be sure and check that out.

Everyone that I have talked to has said that meeting and visiting with Eunita has been “inspirational” or words to that effect.  We are trying to get the Mary Okeyo Scholarship fund replenished.  It would be nice to give a gift in the new year that would help send a student over to visit with the deaconness’ where they live and work and see what the “rough edges of mercy” look like.

Donations can be sent to the North Dakota Distirct Office that administers the fund for both the Minnesota North and the North Dakota Districts.  Send to Bill Sharpe PO Box 9029
Fargo, ND 58106-9029