I have to be reminded once in a while that the marvelous words that I hope to hear some day, “well done good and faithful servant,” are spoken in the midst of the story about the final judgment. It is in the parable about receiving something and doing something with it to please the master. It is also well to remind  ourselves that the master gave the talent, before he gave her responsibility. We know that we are not justified, or forgiven, or destined for life everlasting because of what we do, but because of what Jesus has done for us and there are certain things we are expected to do. Just as the master came back looking for a return on his investment God wants a return on his investment to. In the merciful washing of baptism he says now you go and live a merciful life to your neighbors. When we are spoken free in absolution, God says now go and speak your neighbors free. In the Lord’s Supper we get Christ whole and entire to your neighbor. We get the gift before we get the responsibility, but God does expect a return. Purely out of Grace he claims us. Purely out of mercy he allows us to live as his children. Purely out of divine goodness and mercy he gives us all things so we can share with our neighbor. “Well done good and faithful servant, I’ve given you gifts and you’ve used them responsibly for my Kingdom” is what we can expect to hear on the last day because of Jesus gifts to us and His death to free us.

The LCEF Fall Leadership Conference was held last week and I remember that I used to attend these events with Bill Sharpe.   We had many adventures and a lot of fun.  We learned a lot and Bill took his work with LCEF very seriously indeed.  He was remembered at the LCEF Conference for being a good and faithful servant.   Bill received his reward after being faithful in much.  We are starting to all realize how much Bill did and how much he accomplished.  We pray for Tammi Ulland and President Bertch and all the District folks as they work hard for our District.


Well done good and faithful servants.