In this Gospel Jesus points out the kind of righteousness which God expects according to the Law, which requires that every “jot” (the Hebrew letter yodh) and every “tittle” (one of the little projections which make the difference between the Hebrew letters beth and kaph) be kept (Matt. 5: 18). I learned the importance of jots and tittles and “dots”.  Here is a dot – . – a period.  A few days ago I gave you all an electronic address where you can go and support Project 24.  People started emailing me and saying that the link did not work.  The reason was that the . at the end of the sentence is not part of the link but was considered to be by the server and was so rejected.  One . messed up everything.  Here is the link

No dot.  Little mark – big deal.  We’ll look more at some of the those jots and tittles as the week goes on.