I was graciously invited to preach and teach at Zion Bismarck and hosted for lunch by Douglas and Kathy and  James and Rhonda Rath.  Everyone was gracious and kind and attentive.  They were gearing up for a mercy event which was packing mercy meals.  Kristin Nistler who was very active in helping us with Project 24 and James were working hard to get everything organized..  I believed that they planned for the event on February 1.  Well they did it and Kathy wrote this –

Doug and I worked for an hour. It was amazing! A little 5 year old worked beside me, measuring soybeans for the whole hour. He did great and knew he was doing something to help needy people. Nice to see people of all ages working together for this mercy event.

This is from Mercy meals – Congratulations to all of those who packed Mercy Meals at Zion Lutheran Church yesterday. We packed 16,001 meals, which blew our 15,000 goal out of the water.  That’s the most productive packing event Mercy Meals of North Dakota has had yet!!!!!! A big THANK YOU goes out to Kristin Nistler and James Rath for all their work in organizing the volunteers, snacks, door prizes, publicity, fundraising, etc.
Photos to be posted soon.