“The day America came to Othoro, Kenya in the form of hamburgers and hotdogs”.  So wrote Pastor Mike Giddings from Othoro.  I don’t know how American Hotdogs and Hamburgers got to Kenya and perhaps it is better that I don’t.  Giddings is the Pastor at Cross Pointe Lutheran in Fargo and Doug Bergelin was associate Pastor at Zion in Bismarck.  He now serves in Wisconsin.  Britt Odemba wrote –

“It is a new year and we are excited for the future of Project 24. As a result of our continued communication with people in the states, we are finding that there is a lot of interest and many people are wanting to come and visit our Project 24 sites. Stake holders, who were once a part of the project, have heard the great news that the centers are running once again and have been greatly improved by the site managers and their boards of management.
Pastor Mike Giddings and Pastor Douglas Bergelin are our first visitors this year, visiting the boys at our Othoro site. They are part of our new English tutoring program. This is part of an on-going effort to assist in the overall education of the children. Due to the fact that the children are taught in English at school and all of their textbooks and exams are written in English, it is imperative that the children are fluent. It is important for them to be able to converse as well as read in English. With the help of tutors (both local teachers and visitors), the goal is to increase the children’s capability to do well in school. We thank Pastor Giddings and Pastor Bergelin for leading the way in this great effort and look forward tomore teachers visiting this year.”