I have this in my notes and I hate using things without citation so if you know who wrote this let me know please.  I wrote this song along time ago.  Called Wisemen…

[cincopa AMAAaY7gT0WC]

The wise men and the shepherds tend to get mixed up in our
recollections of Christmas.  But actually they couldn’t be more
different.  The shepherds were poor Jews. The wise men were rich
foreigners.  For the shepherds, the birth of Christ was a ‘bolt from the
blue’ as they went about their ordinary business.  For the wise men,
Christ’s birth was a distant certainty that had directed their course
for some time.  For the shepherds, seeing Christ marks a beginning –
they rejoice and spread the word.  For the wise men, it marks an end to
their long journey.  Yet for both the low born and high born, for those
with nothing to give and those with everything, for Jew and Gentile, for
the expectant and the surprised, Christ’s birth proves to be the
fulfillment of all their hopes.

In Jesus, Jew and Gentile, rich and poor, learned and common, meet.
And with the wise men especially, the whole incident proves that Christ
is indeed the Desire of all nations.  His birth is not just some
parochial event for the tribe of Judah.  It is truly global.  Here is a
baby to unite, redeem and rule the world.