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Looking forward to working with Britt and thankful for the partnerships that have developed since Project 24 had some issues and floundered for a while.  Much appreciated.

From Pastor Trump –

Britt is an LCMS missionary in Kenya who has
served here faithfully for almost three years. She has been instrumental in
assisting me with the development of the Project24 proposal and the groundwork in
bringing Kissinger on board as Director.  Britt’s  background is in early childhood
education with more than a decade of experience as a preschool director in the
States before joining our team in Kenya as an education consultant. Britt is
currently transitioning in her responsibilities as an ELCK school in Kenya that she
has helped rescue has found new footing and blossomed under her care. As she
transitions the school over to a head teacher, Britt is available to provide some
support to Kissinger on a part-time basis, primarily focused on communications with
interested parties in the LCMS and further developing the digital packet system and
donor-child match system as those components of the project begin. One thing Britt
will do is send out the P24/CCC monthly newsletter.