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The Best Light

There is an old story about a man who found his neighbor searching desperately around a lamp post on the sidewalk just outside of his house, for his keys.  It was obvious that he was a little inebriated but the man tried to help...

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Essential or Not?

So I’m hearing through the grapevine that many religious leaders over in Minnesota have sent several letters to the governor regarding the opening of churches. My understanding is that he has answered none of those...

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Is it Persecution?

Is it persecution? That question came as a result of hard work and conscientious effort of adjudicatories, and Presidents of our Church bodies, that led to the Governor of Minnesota to back off on church restrictions.  That is a...

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The memorial days I remember I’ve always been cold. Up here in the North country the last days of May can go from balmy to snow at the blink of an eye. I remember standing in snow storms reciting the pledge and trying to keep my...

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Truth or Prank

One of my favorite television programs was the Dick Van Dyke show. You Minnesotans of course remember because you have a Mary Tyler Moore statue down on Nicolette Mall I think. Anyway one of the funniest shows was a prankster...

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The Dangers of Idealism

I have made it known before that one of my favorite authors is G.K. Chesterton. He wrote many reviews about famous authors.  One of those authors was George Bernard Shaw. Shaw  had written a play about idealism  and Chesterton...

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Promise and Presence

I said in a sermon on Sunday that God only deals with us through a promise and his presence.  Some folks wondered about that and asked for some clarification, so here we go.  The Scriptures are replete with God making promises...

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The Politics of WHO

The WHO is in the news lately for many reasons. I couldn’t help but think what the conversation between two political parties might be like over the organization or at least a discussion of defunding the WHO.  I leave it...

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