Cheryl Peterson the LWML President from Minnesota North is along on this trip.  She demandEd to write a blog I don’t mess with LWML so here she is –


Final Day.
In some ways, it doesn’t feel like we have been here in Kenya for 11 days.
As you may have read in the other posts, we had a very adventurous start to
our time here. To try and re-cap our time here, I can definitely say ‘Sawa
Sawa’! Which means excellent. The people here are very welcoming (karibu)
and are very conscientious of the fact that we are not familiar with some
of the terrain, and culture. One of my most memorable days was spent
walking with 2 deaconesses, Monica and Elizabeth. We were only able to
drive so far, and then had to walk the remaining distance. These ‘paths’
cut through fields, crossed roads and through high brush. We spent time
with these families in prayer, reading from the book of Psalms and to hear
from these women, who were either widowed or taking care of these children
while the husband was away working. That day, those women that we visited,
ministered to me. Why or how you may ask? After the Pastor was finished
reading from the Bible, and doing a short devotion with them, the women
would stand up and express their thankfulness to God, despite their
poverty, and professed that God would provide. Wow! No complaining,
whatsoever. The other way I was ministered to that day was by the
deaconesses. When they make these home visits, they always bring something
from their own homes to give to these families. Did you catch that? From
their OWN homes. They don’t go to a store to purchase things, they give
from their hearts, what they have. Those of you out there that are active
in LWML, or have been recipients of LWML grants, isn’t this what it’s all
about? Jesus showed us the example of the woman who gave ALL she had – two
mites. These deaconesses are a living example of this.
There were many other highlights to this trip – the scenery, the animals,
and visiting the Rescue Centers. One last highlight that made my trip
enjoyable were the people. My traveling companions are a great group of
people and have the desire to assist with Project 24 in any way that they
can. However, we also had other traveling companions: the drivers (thank
goodness for their expertise on these roads!) and members of the ELCK –
Pastor Benjamin, David and John. 
I encourage you to speak with any of us that traveled on this trip – Pastor
Seter, Kurt, Annie, Kyle, Stephanie, or myself.