AnnucnciationWhen Mary was told that she was to be the Mother of Christ she was at first greatly troubled and then basically when she heard the Gospel she got pretty excited and exclaimed, “my soul magnifies the Lord and my Spirit rejoices in God my Savior”.  Mary who would carry and give birth to the “Word” of God, God’s  good news needed to hear the good news as well.  She was caught up in the story of God’s salvation, body soul and spirit.

The Gospel of God’s salvation changes everything.  Chesterton put it eloquently when he described his experience of reading the gospel story for the first time: “On the first reading you feel that it turns everything upside down, but the second time you read it you discover that it turns everything right side up. The first time you read it you feel that it is impossible; the second time, you feel that nothing else is possible.”